What we do

Focus Groups

Qualitative research reveals the “why” beneath the “what.” Conducted nationwide, our studies target voters, consumers, customers, and professionals. We manage recruiting, moderate, report findings rich in insight, and offer thoughtful recommendations consistent with each study’s specific objectives.

Clicker Presentations

Interactive polling secures feedback instantly and engages the audience. Handheld “clickers” and proprietary software enable as many as 1,000 participants to respond digitally to questions posed by speakers, focus group moderators, and trainers.




Quantitative research reduces risk and provides direction. Our telephone, online, intercept, and mail surveys are methodologically rigorous and designed to inform the decision-making process.

Clicker 3

Turning Technologies RF LCD “Clicker”

Dial Research

Gather continuous, moment-to-moment feedback on almost any content with our Perception Analyzer “dials.”

dial hand







 These handheld devices record real-time, second-by-second reactions to speeches, live presentations, debates, TV commercials, and other prerecorded messaging. Ask us about using dials in your next project.


  • Community attitudes
  • Message testing – for issue campaigns and marketing presentations
  • Member, client, employee, user, and visitor satisfaction
  • Lost customers
  • Advertising testing – digital and print
  • Brand awareness
  • Corporate image
  • Website design and navigation
  • Learner verification of K-12 instructional materials
  • Strategic meeting facilitation
  • Concept testing
  • Confusion and trademark infringement
  • Local, state, and federal policy
  • Corporate communications
  • Product development – from annuities and apparel to textbooks, footwear, and medical devices
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