POST: Marty Saperstein to deliver keynote presentation at ODA’s 2019 Leadership Institute

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saperstein Associates has conducted ODA member surveys at various intervals over the last 30 years. Within this past year, the ODA commissioned Saperstein Associates to conduct another far-ranging survey to gain insights into various aspects of the current state of dentistry in Ohio, including practice-related information (e.g., trends in dental insurance acceptance, overhead costs, DSO affiliation, use of technology, etc.) and gauging member attitudes toward organized dentistry and various related publications and programs.

In addition to the 2018 member survey, the ODA commissioned Saperstein Associates to complete a survey of the Ohio public’s understanding of specialties in dentistry and the effect that specialty advertising has on the public’s decisions related to seeking care, including the choice of provider. This information is of obvious interest to both general dentists and specialists as they can learn more about their patients’ understanding of dental specialties. This information is also valuable as the ADA and state regulatory boards, including the Ohio State Dental Board, examine specialty recognition and advertising issues going forward.

Marty Saperstein will present the findings of both surveys at today’s 2019 Leadership Institute where he will also discuss the current state of survey research generally, especially in light of the perceived poor performance of political polling prior to recent state and national elections.