Worthington District slips in residents’ rating

The Columbus Dispatch – January 10, 1990

WORTHINGTON SCHOOLS – Residents gave the district good marks overall in a telephone survey this fall.

But the percentages of A’s and B’s received were lower than on similar surveys conducted during the past six years.

The telephone poll of 607 households done in October was released at a Board of Education meeting last week.

The Quality for Kids Committee, which promoted an unsuccessful 5.9-mill school levy, paid Saperstein Associates Inc. $500 for the survey, according to a report filed with the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Of those who talked to callers, 82 percent gave the district an A or a B, 11 percent rated it C and 1 percent D. Six percent didn’t answer that question.

A and B percentages on previous polls included 82 percent in 1988, 85 percent in 1986, 90 percent in 1985 and 87 percent in 1984, John Butterfield, assistant to the superintendent, told the board.

In contrast, 36 percent of respondents gave the board an A or a B, with 29 percent of those choosing B. Twenty percent chose C, 6 percent D, 2 percent F, and 36 percent said they couldn’t answer.

The central office administration, including the superintendent, got 31 percent A and B, with 50 percent of respondents choosing not to answer.

Areas rated lowest were managing the district’s finances; preparing students who are not going to college; listening and responding to parent concerns; and encouraging the public to participate in decisions.

Butterfield said the results may have been skewed in that the board and administration were involved in a lot of controversy over school spending when the survey was done.